3 Outdoor Winter Activities, With or Without Snow

family sitting outside in the winter by a campfire

With the holidays officially over, you may be looking for ways to unwind, get out, and just enjoy yourself. Whether you're surrounded by cold snow or green grass, here are some fun outdoor activities you can do with the whole family!

 1. Make a Campfire

You may be thinking that campfires are more of a summer activity, but they can be just as fun during the winter months! Once you get that fire roaring, you're sure to get warmed up so don't worry about the chilly air.

Try making some chili or stew before you head outside, and finish heating it up over the fire. Gather everyone around to partake in a delicious dinner around the campfire. Don't forget the smores and hot cocoa for dessert!

2. Make a Bird Feeder

Birds rely more on feeders in the winter when their food is scarce, so making a bird feeder can really help out the wildlife in your area. They're relatively easy to make too so you can get the kids and grandkids involved! Read here for 5 easy ways to build bird feeders.

Once you're done, simply hang it up and watch the birds!

3. Create a Winter Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. They can be especially beneficial for children by helping them boost their observation skills and develop other learning skills along the way.

There are many guides you can print out that already have items to look for, or you can create your own guide! You can look for things like different types of bugs or birds, leaves, acorns, etc.

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