6 Ways to Take Action this Earth Day

6 Ways to Take Action this Earth Day

  1. Plant a Tree


Planting a tree won’t look like much now. Once you have planted that seed, it will take many nights and many days for that seed to grow into something much bigger. But, when it does grow and reach its full potential it will be able to provide shade on sunny days, a house for adorable woodland critters, and it will help in replenishing the atmosphere’s oxygen.


  1. Conserve Electricity


When you leave a room remember to turn off the lights, television, or electronic devices. We are all guilty of letting a television show play in the background while we walk around the house doing other chores or playing music even though you are tuning it out. Turning it off will ensure that you are conserving the electricity. If it’s a warm summer day, try hanging your laundry outside after washing them in cold water!


  1. Community Garden


Look around in your area and see if there is a community garden. Many places have one that the entire community can tend to. It helps promote healthy eating and is a great way in showing kids where food comes from and what work is involved while growing it! If you don’t have one, find a local spot that will allow you to start one!


  1. Compost


You don’t need a fancy compost bin made from hand. You can start by using a plastic tote or a bucket that has a sealable top. Toss in your banana peels, apple cores, and other food waste into your bin so you can develop your own nutrient filled soil that can be used for gardening!


  1. Don’t Litter


Wherever you go, leave it as you found it. Pollution fills out water systems which is a hazard in itself but it can also be a hazard to animals who want to know what the litter is which can later result in the animal getting entangled.


  1. Volunteer


Find an environmental charity in your town or a neighborhood near you and lend your time. It could be a local garden helping to pick up litter on the side of the road, or finding a nearby pond and removing the trash from the edge of the water. Even if it’s a few pieces you can accomplish cleaning up, it makes an impact