Games to Play this Easter

Games to Play this Easter

Looking to make Easter a bit more “hoppy” this year? As we all know Easter is a time when you can bring out all the games and fun you can think of. It usually starts with an Easter egg hunt and ends with a belly full of sugar. Who says it has to stop there? Add in these fun games to keep the day of fun going!


Hula Hoop Aim Game

By setting up five hula hoops on the floor, you can create a point system. It’s easier for kids to remember if you have different colors associated with the points. (Example:  Pink for 10, yellow for 30, blue for 50) Give each player five plastic eggs. Toss the eggs into the hoops and see who gets the most points at the end of each round!


Spring Showers

Divide into teams. One member of each team will put on a shower cap and then put shaving cream or whipped cream over it. The other team member(s) will then throw as many Cheetos as they can onto the shower cap. Each Cheetos is 1 point. Whoever has the most points, wins the game.


Time for Ball!

Stack bottles on top of each other so that it creates a pyramid. One on top, two in the middle, and three at the bottom. Each player needs to stand behind a line and toss baseballs (preferably Styrofoam) to know over the stack. It needs to fall completely off of the surface.

If younger kids are playing, they can stand closer.


Egg Tower

Hopefully, you have some extra toilet paper or paper towel rolls! Cut them into pieces. Players can then build a tower using the rolls and eggs. It should go as follows: Roll, egg, roll, egg. You can use boiled eggs or raw. It’s more fun to do it with raw eggs when the tower collapses.


Board Games

If you search for Easter Board Games, you’ll be surprised by what you find. There is a variety of options including; Easter Bean Bag Toss ($11, Amazon), Inflatable Bunny Ear Toss ($9, Amazon), or this Bunny Hop game ($29, Amazon).