How to Maintain a Healthy Immune System

How to Maintain a Healthy Immune System

With back to school in full swing, it is important to maintain a healthy immune system. We know the general tips, including hand washing, and covering your nose and mouth, but if you are looking for tips to boost your immune system, you are in the right place. 

Apply these tips in your daily life, and you will see the difference! 

1. Diet
Certain foods can help us increase immunity, and a balanced diet is crucial. Nutritional deficiencies in your body can make you more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. A balanced diet, including beans, whole grain foods, nuts, and seeds can really help with immunity, as well as greens, meats, and omega 3 rich foods. 

2. Sleep
A good nights sleep can be the cure for many things. This is because we heal when we sleep. A good nights sleep can also boost your immune system. A sleep-deprived immune system can be a danger to you because it causes wear and tear, which is why it cannot fight off infections, viruses, and bacterias. Aim for at least 8-10 hours of sleep, to ensure your immune system can function at its best. A good night sleep can be achieved with a dark room, and with minimum noise. 

3. Exercise
A healthy body contains a healthy mind and healthy immune system. Try and get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. 

4. Stress- Free
Stress works to weaken the immune system. You should always try and keep your stress levels low, so your immune system can remain high. 

Stay happy and healthy this year!