The Benefits of Celery

The Benefits of Celery

Celery is a vegetable that is low in calories and it has a number of health benefits. You might be surprised to know the health benefits that celery has to offer to you. Here are some of the great benefits of celery. 

1. Anti-Inflammatory

Celery has anti-inflammatory compounds in it, that can help reduce inflammation in the body. Many diseases are linked with inflammation, such as arthritis and osteoporosis, these conditions can cause discomfort and irritation in the body. Celery contains 25 anti-inflammatory compounds that can help protect a person from inflammation in the body. 

2. Antioxidants 

Celery is also a great source of antioxidants, which can lead to more health benefits. Antioxidants protect blood vessels, organs, and cells from oxidative damage. Celery has vitamin B included in it and beta carotene and flavonoids, which are all highly antioxidant. There are 12 more different kinds of antioxidant nutrients in celery, which are all amazing for your health. Most interestingly, all of these ingredients can be found in a single stalk of celery. Other nutrients can also be found in celery which help to reduce inflammation found in the digestive system, blood vessels, cells, and other organs. 

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