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When Arthritis and Joint Flare-Ups Occur, There's Only One Way To Avoid Getting Burned

By the time I learned about the importance of managing my uric acid levels, it was almost too late...

A lifetime of not really knowing what I was putting into my body...tons of artificial preservatives in my food, unknown acids in my soda, and chemicals in my beers.

Tons of artificial preservatives in my food, unknown acids in my soda, and chemicals in my beers.

Then, it all came back to haunt me...

By my mid-30's, my body had begun to ache more and more, and my energy levels were decreasing rapidly. I was swelling more after workouts, and I was having trouble sleeping due to horrible inflammation.

I thought that I was just getting older, until the discomfort I was feeling started to become unbearable...

I wasn't the only one my age feeling like this, but I knew it wasn't normal. I went to the doctor to get my blood levels checked. There I learned that my uric acid levels were off the charts.

My doctor explained that our bodies naturally produce uric acid when we process man-made foods, but that too much was dangerous. When uric acid builds up, it crystallizes in the joints and causes intense discomfort and struggling.

He recommended a dietary supplement to help my body flush out uric acid more easily, and that advice led to one of the best decisions of my life...

The Best Daily Supplement to Melt Uric Acid Crystals & Feel Like Yourself Again

My doctor shared with me the absolute best formula to reduce my uric acid levels.

After trying nearly every uric acid support on the market, he came to this conclusion:

Only one dietary supplement was focused on melting uric acid crystals and truly helped his patients lower discomfort time and time again.

I bought my first bottle as soon as I got home, and I've never looked back.

Lifetones Uric Acid Support

Lifetones has sold over 1.2 million bottles worldwide, and each herb was hand picked based on the latest clinical studies and research to support maximum effectiveness.

The first ingredient, Stinging Nettle, is rich in chlorophyll and powerful alkaloids that neutralize uric acid naturally.

Next is Celery Seed, which is a concentrated version of celery best suited for balancing pH levels.

Then there is Birch and Willow, which both support cartilage repair and reduce joint, muscle and nerve discomfort.

Next is Alfalfa, which contains practically every key mineral needed to reduce muscle spasms and cramps.

Then there's Devil's Claw, which is a desert herb that is perfect for daily acid cleansing and detoxing.

Finally there is Boswellia, a gummy resin that has helped soothe discomfort for thousands of years.

"One soft drink creates so much uric acid, your body requires 36 glasses of water to flush it all out." - Vincent Tones

A Healthier You In Just One Minute A Day

The body can only absorb a small amount of the ingredients found in capsules, pills and tablets.

Lifetones is a liquid extract, so it delivers the full spectrum of benefits in a matter of minutes. This makes it far more potent and fast-acting than any powder or pills.

  • Live More Comfortably
  • Improved Mobility & Flexibility
  • Get Up and Down Stairs Easier
  • Wake Up Feeling Rested

No pills.

No powders.

One teaspoon mixed with water.

It Worked For Me, And It Worked For Them... It Can Work For YOU!

“Last year I could hardly walk due to the pain in my joints. Now I mix this daily with 6 oz. of cranberry or pomegranate juice. I feel so much better than before, and can hardly notice the taste anymore."

- Michael S.

"I have tried many things that worked for a while but eventually become less effective. But last year a lady that works with me bought Lifetones on the internet for me to try. It really does work, and it keeps working."

- Annie J.

"I think the product is unique because it goes down warm. It tastes good. I haven't had joint issues in over a month. By taking this Lifetones regularly I can avoid having an attack and also feel more alive. It's not so expensive and it works."

- Richard C.

"This product is a winner! It works well for fibromyalgia and arthritis. It is a blessing to anyone who suffers from these afflictions, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Thank you thank you thank you!"

- Ramona L.
365-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Yes, an entire year. No questions asked.

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