4 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

4 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It can be hard to shop for that perfect gift for Dad; creating your own gift can sometimes be easier. These fun DIY gift ideas can be done by children and toddlers with parental supervision.

  1. DIY Apron
First, you’ll need a white apron (these can often be found at your local craft store). You'll also need to grab out your trusty paint supplies, stencils, and a fabric marker.

Stencil on “DAD” (or something unique you would use to describe him) towards the top of the apron with a fabric marker. Then, decorate with paint, markers, or whatever else you may have! You can even paint the kids' hands to make handprints on the apron.

A tutorial can be found here: Catch My Party

  1. Coupon Book

These aren't your typical coupons. These coupons are free for Dad to use whenever he wants and handmade by people who know him best.

There are many different free, printable coupon books you can find with a quick internet search. Many of the coupons include a big hug, a movie night of his choosing, help with yard work, etc. You can make your coupons for Dad for just about anything you can think of!

All you need for this simple and fun project is colorful paper, a printer, scissors, and a stapler.


  1. “My Dad Rocks” Frame

For this project, most of the materials can be found at your local dollar store or craft store. You’ll need a wooden picture frame, scrapbook paper, glue, and rocks.

If you want to paint the wooden frame, you’ll need paint as well. It’s a simple activity, but one that he will cherish and serve as a reminder that he does, indeed, "rock."

A tutorial can be found here: Mommy Moment

  1. Cake

This gift involves a messy kitchen and enough batter to let the kiddos taste test along the way!

Many people lean towards buying an already-made, store-bought cake when Father’s Day rolls around, but it can be so much more fun to bake your own! You can easily find recipes online for a cake he's sure to love.

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