4 Outdoor Activities

4 Outdoor Activities

As the weather gets nicer, its great to get outside! The spark of nature is ignited in children from a very young age. Here are some activities to do outside with your children or grandchildren!

1. Backyard 
Make the most out of your backyard by transforming it into a play area. Build a treehouse, add a hammock or tire swing, or build a sandbox. You name it, you can do it! It is your place, and should be somewhere to put whatever your children find interesting and entertaining.

2. Bird- Watching
Bird Watching
Another engaging activity to do outside with the kiddos is bird-watching. You can introduce them to the birds in your region. You can get some binoculars, and watch the birds in the trees and sky. This is a great way for kids to observe the differences in all birds, their colors, behaviors, sizes, and habitat. 

3. Water Play
Water Play
No matter what time of the year, kids simply love water! You can set up a swimming pool in your backyard, or let them enjoy the water with the buckets or directly through the hose. They will spend hours playing in the water!

4. Crafts

You can let your kids be crafty in your backyard or driveway. Bring out the sidewalk chalk and get creative on the driveway, or bring out paper and washable paint and allow them to paint in the driveway or grass. They can get inspiration from the trees and flowers outside!

Let us know which activities you enjoy, and which ones your children or grandchildren enjoy the most. We hope these activities are fun and exciting for both you, and the kiddos! 

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