4 Spring Cleaning Tips

4 Spring Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is essential in all four seasons, but when it comes to spring, it's important to take out time to give your house a deep clean. This is even more important if you suffer from spring allergies. Here are a few tips for how you can spring clean your house!

1. Schedule
Before you begin any task, it can be helpful to make a schedule. You can skim around to figure out which areas need the most cleaning. Focus on the areas which are overlooked daily, and what areas could wait until the end. Cleaning the entire house can be a bit overwhelming, but creating a schedule can help break it down as well. 

2. Declutter
It is believed that an unorganized house is bound to give you stress as it will keep on signaling your mind about how things are not working. Your home and workplace are two areas that you spend the most time, so make sure it is decluttered. Check for cluttered cupboards, and drawers of junk that you can get rid of. The more you declutter, the more you will be at peace,

3. The Kitchen and Bathroom
Kitchen and Bathroom
The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most dreaded parts of the home, which require cleaning every day, and intense cleaning every week. For the kitchens, you can clean the cabinets, and check out the pantry and fridge. Clean out your pantry and fridge by organizing both, so food is easy to find. In the bathroom, check the shower curtain and make sure it is clean, clean out your drawers, and check for expired products. You can also check kitchen exhausts and bathroom fans to make sure they are properly working, as well as replace any lights and bulbs. 

4. Clean Air
Clear Air
While cleaning the house, you should always take a look at your air filters, and replace them if needed. Replacing your air filter makes sure that everyone in your home is taking in clean, filtered air.

Be sure to share your favorite tips with us, and how you keep your house fresh and clean for springtime!

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