8 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day

We all lose track of the date sometimes. Just when the holiday season seems to be behind us, it can be easy to get blindsided by the mid-February dedication to love: Valentine's Day.

If you're someone that is expected to supply a gift on this romantic occasion, but have absolutely nothing prepared, we've got you covered! Here are 8 gift ideas for a last-minute Valentine's Day celebration that you can pull off on the day of (seriously)!

1) Flowers & Chocolate

Now this one probably seems super obvious, but it's actually smarter than you think. Flowers and chocolates have become such a Valentine's Day cliché that it's actually falling out of popularity! This means that returning to form may subvert some expectations and cover all your bases!

2) Candles

The right candle can immediately add romance to any situation. Not only can a set of candles serve as a great Valentine's Day gift, but they're also just a great addition to the home! Depending on how many you get, candles are able to add a unique zest to the room that your partner will appreciate long after the holiday is over.

3) Scrapbook

Now I know what you're thinking: "Putting an entire scrapbook together takes a lot of time!" But with this idea, all you need to provide are the materials and a scrapbook itself. Then, complete the scrapbook together as a fun Valentine's Day activity! Scrapbooking is an age-old activity that will certainly fill up your evening with fun memories.

4) Chocolate Fondue Maker

Many popular retail stores have personal fondue makers that you can pick up in-store today! These chocolate warmers can turn a normal night at home into a totally new experience. There's also many restaurants that serve fondue, if you'd rather try it professionally first.

5) Date Night

When's the last time you and your partner went out for a romantic evening? Valentine's Day doesn't have to be super elaborate. Just getting dressed up and going out to dinner can be a perfect way to spend the holiday! But if going out isn't your style (or every restaurant is booked), then you can alternatively...

6) Stay-In

People always say that the most meaningful gifts are the ones you make yourself. So why not make a nice dinner? This will almost certainly be cheaper than going out, and can still feature specialty drinks and dessert. And best of all - no reservation required!

7) Plan an Activity

While a gift may be expected on Valentine's Day, there's no rule saying that the gift can't be scheduled for a later date! Gift your significant other tickets to a concert / event, or book them a spa day for the following weekend, or plan a trip together! The possibilities are literally endless, and Feb. 14th is just when you reveal the upcoming surprise.

8) Just Spend Time Together

For most people, gifts are really just for fun. But all they really want is to spend quality time with their favorite person. Forget all the glitz and glam and just set aside time to just be together. Whether you go out for a walk, watch a movie at home, or just talk - focusing on each other is really all you need.

Do you have any last-minute gift ideas that you'd like to share? Any that have either worked out really well, or maybe not so much? I'd love to hear about them, and may even steal a few for an upcoming holiday!

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Have a lovely Valentine's Day!