Avoid Weight Gain during the Holiday Season

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If there’s one thing we all love most about the holiday season, it's the food! Home-cooked meals and delicious desserts can lead to overflowing plates and drinks galore. Maintaining weight in general can be a hard challenge to face but doing it during the holidays can be even harder.

No matter what our size is or how fast our metabolism is, every person tends to gain weight during the holidays, typically one pound per year. However, it isn’t impossible to control your weight by following some of these tips:


Get Moving

It’s important to be active, but it’s even more important during the holiday season. You may find yourself having limited time to work out with the family arriving and all the planning that needs to be done. But try to find just 15 minutes a day to work out or simply go for a walk. Taking a moment out of the day to exercise may even help you relax and get away from the hectic day for a while.


Focus on your Food

A lot of us eat with the television turned on, but focusing on the TV rather than your meal can actually increase the amount of food you consume. That's especially true for high-sugar or high-calorie foods, so be mindful when you're eating. Just turn the TV off - it'll be there when you're done.



5 Per Day

The "5 Per Day" rule is straightforward. Eat a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day to help maintain a healthy diet and avoid weight gain.


Limit your Alcohol

Alcohol consumption can cause weight gain because it stops your body from burning fat and it can make you feel hungry. If you need to reach for a drink, try grabbing one that has less calories or is calorie-free. Your best option is to reach for some water because it helps you burn more calories and fills you up more than other sugary drinks.



Portion control is extremely important when trying to maintain your weight (or lose weight). You can help control your portion size by using smaller dinnerware, drinking water before your meal, and eating slowly.


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