Christmas Eve Activities for The Family

family wearing santa hats, sitting by the tree and reading a book

Many families have their own traditions during this wonderful time of the year, but that's no reason not to introduce some more! Here are a few fun activities you can do with the whole family on the night of Christmas Eve.

Gifts before the Gifts

Sometimes the anticipation of opening Christmas gifts can be overwhelming. Let the kids or grandkids open a gift early on Christmas Eve. Let them open a gift that involves playing a game or watching a movie so they can take their mind off of the big day tomorrow.

Drive-Thru Lights

Whenever the sun goes down, put on your festive Christmas pajamas, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and hop in the car. The holidays can be a little hectic so a calming drive through some festive lights might just be the thing you need to relax.

Watch a Movie

Have everyone pick out a movie they're interested in watching. Grab the blankets, hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, and some popcorn, and make the rest of the day out of it! Plop onto the couch or make a pillow fort in the living room.

Cider and a Story

Light up a fire outside (or inside if it's too cold) and grab some cider. Sit with the family and share some of your favorite Christmas stories with one another. Let the kids join in and make up their own, if they aren’t old enough to know any by heart!


These are only a few, but keep in mind that the best tradition ideas tend to happen spontaneously. Be open to new activities. Who knows what will stick around for the years to come?

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