Dinner Ideas for Mother’s Day

Dinner Ideas for Mother’s Day

Holidays are filled with laughter, love, and food! For Mother’s Day this year, show your mom how much you care. Give her the day off from having to do her normal daily duties. Homemade Mother’s Day gifts will always be a hit, but the best surprise is a homemade dinner! Even if you aren’t a skilled chef, these recipes will leave her impressed and full.


  • Herbed Mojo Steak and Crispy Potatoes:

Bound to be a crowd favorite, this dish has an herby and citrus sauce filled with cilantro, basil, and parsley. The total cook time is 55 minutes.

The full recipe and preparation can be found on Woman’s Day.


  • Broccoli and Ricotta Flatbread:

With a total cook time of only 30 minutes, preparation time of 10, and serving size of 6, you can’t go wrong with this upgrade to pizza night! Broccoli, garlic, roasted pine nuts (or walnuts), and ricotta will have you wishing you had it sooner. Make it as an appetizer or a meal.

Recipe: Flat out Bread Recipes


  • Brown Butter Tortellini with Asparagus:

This dish is a wonderful spring dish that is filled with a rich nutty flavor. It’s a simple pasta dish that only has a few ingredients added to it! When you mix the lemon zest with the brown butter it ends up tasting out of this world.

Instructions and ingredients can be found on The Mountain Kitchen.


  • Crab Cake-Stuffed Artichokes:

A seafood spin on a classic stuffed artichoke dish! This dish, for anyone, may be something fun and new to try. It takes 2 hours total to make it, so make sure you plan ahead. It serves a total of 4 people.

You can find the recipe here: Food Network


  • Chicken Scallopini

This dish can be served over pasta, and it only take 30 minutes to make! The best part is it can be done using only one skillet. This family-friendly meal by Southern Living can be served alongside a veggie or just with the pasta alone.


Bon Appétit!

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