National Teacher Day

National Teacher Day

National Teacher Day is an annual occasion that allows teachers a pause from the busyness involved in running a classroom. It’s a day where they receive appreciation and ‘thank you’ from students, those still in school, and even those who graduated who can still appreciate the difference their previous teacher made in their lives. This could be anyone; A professor, guidance counselor, teacher, or a principal. There is always that one unique person who has gone above and beyond to inspire our learning and helped us become our best selves. They believed in challenging us and believing in our future success.


If you have a child who is still in school, you can show your appreciation by sending in a gift. Since your child has spent many hours with their teacher, they may have picked up on certain things they enjoy. Their favorite drink or their favorite snack. Go out and grab them a few things along with a gift card. They deserve to treat themselves after a long day!


If your child has already graduated, have them reach out to the teacher that helped them the most throughout the years. Whether it’s through social media or by calling the school and leaving them a message. It will make their day to hear how well their already graduated student is doing. It will make their day even more just to know that you still appreciate the impact they had on your life.


If you didn’t get the experience of having a teacher who truly moved you, that’s alright! Many of us know at least one teacher. Whether it’s a relative, a friend, or a friend’s relative. Try to set up a time to meet up. Let them know how much they inspire you with their passion and dedication while you both enjoy a dinner and conversation. You could even find a day where you are available and go to their classroom to give them a helping hand!


There’s always a chance that none of the above apply to you, but you still want to be the reason a teacher smiles today. If that’s the case, call your local school. Ask the front desk or even the principal, what might be needed in most classrooms for extra supplies. Often, teachers pay for their additional classroom supplies out of their pocket. By buying them some supplies you can take some of the stress off of their shoulders.

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