The History of Labor Day, and Ways to Celebrate!

The History of Labor Day, and Ways to Celebrate!

Labor Day is just around the corner, and even though many are still avoiding large gatherings, there are still plenty of other ways to celebrate this holiday. But before we get into some awesome ideas to make Labor Day fun this year, let's first explore how this holiday first started!

What is Labor Day, Anyway?

Labor Day is a federal Holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. The Holiday is to congratulate and recognize the American Labor movement by highlighting the economic and social achievements of every hardworking American. It emphasizes these contributions to strengthen the economy of the United States.

Labor Day first started alongside the Labor Movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894. During the Industrial Revolution, Americans worked 12-hours a day in horrible conditions. Even children would have to work in these harsh environments. The wages were very low, and people worked for many hours with very few protections.

This led to huge accidents, causing strikes until these problems were solved. Many companies decided to change their policies in order to provide better working conditions and earn the trust of their laborers. This coincided with a Congressional Act, resulting in the official creation of Labor Day.

What Can I Do This Labor Day Weekend?

Whether you're spending time with family or staying home, there are plenty of fun and safe activities that you can do this holiday weekend!

Creative Art Projects

Labor Day Art Projects

Make patriotic cards for relatives who couldn’t be with you, or 'Thank You' cards for local front-line workers. This is a thoughtful way to include everyone, even while socially distancing. Get the kids and grab your markers, crayons, paint, stickers, and glitter to make fun creative cards for this holiday. Whether it’s painting or doing other crafts with the family, just have fun with it!

Outside Games


There are so many amazing things to do outdoors on this holiday! Your family could have a nice cook out on the grill, or go swimming in the pool or lake! Grab some popsicles or ice cream and start a game of cornhole! You could even take this opportunity to teach your loved ones your favorite sport!

Movie Night

Movie Night

Snuggle up inside or hook up a projector outside! Make some popcorn and throw on your favorite movie that the whole family can enjoy. Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie on your day off.

Make Some Delicious Snacks

Healthy Snacks

Instead of buying snacks, you can make your own! You can go the healthy route by making some elaborate fruit and veggie platters, or bake up some sweet treats like cookies or pie. Our recommendation: freeze your own popsicles to have a refreshing (and healthy) treat after being outside!

Go Swimming


If you live close to the beach or a body of water, consider taking the family out for a relaxing swim! Whether it's a fun pool day or tanning on the sand, there's nothing quite like soaking in the sun on a day off.

These ideas were selected to be both fun and safe for the whole family. Hopefully these will spark some ideas for you this Labor Day weekend!

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