7+ Delightful Details about St. Patrick's Day

7+ Delightful Details about St. Patrick's Day

The first major holiday of the Springtime is upon us, and it is amazing how many unique facts exist about St. Patrick's Day! For example:

Did you know that approximately 35 million U.S. residents have Irish ancestry? In fact, that is 7 times more Irish representation that the entire country of Ireland!

We've got a plentiful of additional St. Patrick's Day fun facts to share with you on this interesting holiday!

The History of St. Patrick's Day, and it's Impact on America

  1. St. Patrick’s Day was inspired by the patron saint of Ireland, who is said to have baptized up to 100,000 people after his conversion to Christianity.

  2. The shamrock was first popularized as a representation of the Holy Trinity.

  3. The first St. Patrick’s day celebration was hosted in Boston in 1737 (nearly 40 years before the American Revolution!).

  4. To celebrate the holiday, Chicago’s river was dyed green for the first time in 1962.

  5. Beer is the most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage on St. Patrick’s Day, with Guinness being the #1 choice. 

    In fact, St. Patrick's Day is often the biggest day of the year for many restaurants, bars and pubs. Some see sales increase by 137%!

  6. The likeliness of finding a four-leaf clover is about 1 in 10,000.

  7. The national symbol of Ireland is actually the harp, not a shamrock. Additionally, Ireland has never depicted a female Leprechaun!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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