5 Best Things to do While Stuck at Home

5 Best Things to do While Stuck at Home

Right now, things are a bit different than we're used to. Our routines have been turned on their head, and we've been forced to adapt to a totally new lifestyle for the foreseeable future. And for most people, staying at home is the new norm.

But, being stuck at home doesn't have to be boring! In fact, there are a surprising number of cool things that you can do without even leaving the house at all. Whether you're working from home or just waiting out the quarantine, there's something for you.

While there are thousands of new ideas to occupy your time at home, here are my absolute 5 favorites that you definitely need to know about!

1. Online Shopping

With a huge increase of people stuck inside browsing the web, online stores are running lots of great deals right now! Additionally, many smaller businesses are taking this opportunity to start selling online to reduce the number of people going into stores. And even better, almost everything is on sale!

Everything from Amazon to grocery stores are still offering delivery services, so there's no reason why you shouldn't get your package.

And don't forget that you may be getting a little extra stimulus money to help stimulate the economy! Companies and government organizations across the country are eager to get us spending...so let's take advantage of it!

2. Relax and Watch TV

While I'm a bit sad that my family can't go out to the movies, I'm really enjoying all the content I can access from home. Streaming services like Disney+ are putting some of their newly released movies online early, and HBO is releasing huge amounts of their library for free!

Also, Netflix has added a new feature called Netflix Party, which allows users to watch movies simultaneously. This is a really fun way for you and your friends to have a movie night without ever leaving your own houses!

There is literally millions of hours of content out on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+ and others, so there should be plenty of shows to keep you busy!

3. Take Online Classes

In an effort to make the quarantine more bearable, many of the country's Ivy League schools have started offering their online courses for free! Between Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale and Princeton, there's over 450 classes to choose from.

My personal recommendation is Yale's most popular course, titled "Psychology and the Good Life", which is all about relieving stress and finding ways to be happier.

Also, Rosetta Stone is offering a free 3-month trial for students, so now is the perfect time to start learning a new language! You'll definitely impress some people once life returns to normal again.

4. Virtual Workouts

For me, I really started to get worried when my gym closed it's doors. While not the most sanitary place, it was nice having somewhere to clear my head and escape from all the insanity.

But to help make-up for this change, many gyms are now offering virtual workouts! These sessions provide you with an online personal trainer who can guide you through some exercises specifically for the home.

And trust me, getting up and moving for a few minutes every day is super important for our health. We weren't meant to be stuck inside all day, so take every chance you can to get your blood flowing!

5. Finish those Home Projects

Now that we can't go many places, it's a great time to focus on what we can control. Our living space is a big one!

Whether it's building out your work-from-home station or some home improvement projects, let's use this time to better our immediate environment! Gardening, reading, cleaning, cooking - these are all awesome ways to make your house feel more like a home.

Life is very different now than it was a few weeks ago, but never forget that we're all in this together. And if you have any ideas or suggestions that might help, shoot me an email at info@toneshealth.com or connect with the rest of the Lifetones community on Facebook!

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