4 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

someone writing New Year's resolutions on a chalkboard

2022 passed by in a whirlwind, and 2023 is just around the corner!

As the New Year approaches, we tend to reflect on the previous year while also trying to set goals for the upcoming one. Maybe last year you lost sight of your New Year's resolution and are looking to try again, or maybe you're not quite sure how to go about thinking of a new resolution for this year.

Whatever it is, I've come up with 4 New Year's resolutions for you, if you're in need of some ideas.

  1. Eat Healthier

various piles of fruits and veggies

Eating healthier is one of the most common New Year's resolutions in America. People want to eat healthier so they can be healthier. The food we put into our bodies is directly related to our overall health. Including more fruits and veggies into your diet may help increase your energy levels, boost your immunity, strengthen your bones, and even lower your uric acid levels.

Start slowly by adding in more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. Try eating them as simple snacks or incorporating them into your meals.


  1. Stay Organized


If it's hard for you to stay organized, try making it this year's goal to be on top of your game. Stay organized by creating a monthly schedule on your calendar of all your upcoming events, appointments, and social gatherings. If you need to, you can even go so far as to create a daily schedule to help keep you on track. Be sure to set reminders too!


  1. Take Care of Your Skin

drawing of skincare items on shelves

Take better care of your skin this year! Pick this year to find out what really makes your skin glow. Develop a daily skincare routine that will help revitalize your skin.

Rather than covering your face with makeup, find something that will instead replenish your skin and make you feel great with or without makeup!


  1. Read More

pile of books

Electronic devices have swept us off our feet and have consumed our lives with daily scrolling. Blue light from these devices can give you headaches, mess with your sleep, and even dampen your mood.

Stop scrolling, and pick up a book! Head to the library once a month and dive deep into a whole new world.


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