5 Ways to Bring in the New Year at Home

older couple and younger couple celebrating New Year's Eve

Each year, the parties get a bit bigger, the lines at the bars get a little longer, and the overcrowded areas don’t seem as appealing as they once were. Often, staying in on New Year’s Eve tends to be more fun than going out. You don’t have to deal with spending extra money, you can wear whatever you want, and if you aren’t in the mood to be around people, you can bring in the New Year by yourself.

Here are some ways to celebrate at home!

  1. Journal

Spend some quiet time reflecting and journaling on all the good and bad that has happened over the year and how you've grown from it all. When the next year comes around, you can reread your entries and reflect on your past memories.

  1. Living Room Slumber Party

If you have younger kids in your life, have a slumber party! You all may not make it until midnight, but you can at least get all comfy and cozy in the living room together and spend some quality time with each other. Make some popcorn and watch a movie or play some games until you all get tired.

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  1. Scrapbook

If you’re anything like me, you have pictures around the house that aren’t in a frame, just waiting to be put up somewhere. Whether it's one from your childhood or the newest family picture, you can make use of it by putting it in a scrapbook!

  1. Snacks, Snacks, and More Snacks

When you think about New Year's Eve, do you think about all the delicious snacks that come with it? I sure do.

Pick a few of your favorite snacks, whether they're from a previous party or just something you love to eat. Make an evening out of baking and cooking delicious snacks for everyone to share.

  1. Perfect Cocktails

Planning on inviting guests over for a New Year's Eve party? Ask them to bring their favorite alcoholic beverages with them, or ask them to bring the ingredients and have yourself a drink-making party.


How do you plan on bringing in the New Year? Let me know at info@toneshealth.com

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