5 Top Tips for Healthy Digestion

5 Top Tips for Healthy Digestion

Having a healthy digestive track is critical for a healthy body, and there are several ways that you can start improving your digestion track today! Digestion is an important process that helps keep your body functioning in so many ways. This process allows your body to break down and absorb the nutrients it needs. These nutrients can then be distributed throughout your body, and anything you don't need will either be stored or removed.

Whether you are experiencing digestion troubles or not, there's always a good reason to check-in on yourself. Here are five tips to maintain a healthy digestion system and keep your body in the best shape possible:


1. Eat (at least) 7 Servings of Fruit and Vegetables Every Day

Incorporating fruits and veggies into your everyday diet is incredibly important to your digestive health. These foods are rich in fibers and other key nutrients that support proper digestion. You can prepare your fruits and veggies in a variety of different forms, such as frozen, fresh, or cooked! These foods also contain many disease combating chemicals, which is a great added bonus!


2. Whole Grains are Good Grains

Choosing more whole grains will also help provide your body with a higher dose of those much-needed fibers. You can check the nutrition label or the ingredient list on items from the grocery store. Oftentimes, whole grain products will be easy to distinguish from its artificial competitors. This ensures you are getting the right amount of good fiber in your diet to maintain healthy digestion.


3. Limiting Processed Meats

Choosing fish or poultry over red meats provides good nutrients your body needs while avoiding most of the unhealthy parts. Consuming small portions of meats less often will also be a big benefit for your digestive track. Despite meat becoming a staple of the American diet, most bodies do not require 6 to 8 ounces of meat every day. A healthier option would be to increase your intake of beans (which contain about the same amount of fiber as meats).


4. Get Plenty of Probiotics & Enzymes

There are quite a few healthy bacteria that your body needs to operate smoothly, with probiotics and enzymes being some of the most important Good sources of these healthy gut proteins are yogurt, milk, and apple cider vinegar. You can read more about healthy gut tips in our previous blog: The Best & Worst Things for your Gut Health


5. Consume Fewer Added Sugars and Fats

Having too much sugar additives and animal fats produce harmful chemicals. It's super important to read the labels and ingredients! Choosing leans meats and skinless poultry can help you eat less fats.

These are key tips for improving and maintaining a healthy digestion! So that your body can get the right amount of fiber and nutrients.

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