5 Tips for Staying in the Present Moment

5 Tips for Staying in the Present Moment

Many of us are guilty of obsessing over our future that we tend to forget about what’s happening in the present moment. The issue with that is that life doesn’t last forever.

One day we will all look back and realize that most of our lives were solely focused on the future that we missed enjoying the present moments that were given to us. If this is something you’ve been struggling with, read on for tips on how to live in the present moment!


  1. Minimize items:


When you remove items associated with past memories, it frees you from those objects which frees you from that part of your past. When the past no longer has power over you, you can begin to live in the moment again.


  1. Smile:


Instead of waking up dreading the thought of leaving bed, smile. The moment the sun streams inside your bedroom and you open your eyes, smile.

Each day we live is full of endless possibilities. When you start it with a positive attitude when you wake up, it leaves you optimistic on what the day could possibly bring! If you are intentional about it, you’ll find yourself doing it every day without meaning to!


  1. Appreciate Today:


Soak in your surroundings. All the sounds you hear, everything you see, all of your emotions- triumph or sorrow. Soak it all in. These are things that are in our daily lives that we often forget about. When you live in the present, it allows you to fully appreciate them.


  1. Forgive the Past:


When you harbor resentment towards other people because of the past, choose to forgive and move on. Even though the harm was their fault, thinking of it daily, is you allowing the hurt to impact your mood. It’s time to let it all go and free yourself from the pain.


  1. Think Beyond:


Each day the world changes a little more. Many problems we had yesterday, the solutions are no longer the right answers. That means that they also won’t be tomorrows solutions. Or the day after that.

Just because that is always the solution you have used, doesn’t mean it will work. Think beyond your normal. It will open many more possibilities.

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