5 Healthy Benefits of Celery

5 Healthy Benefits of Celery

1.Lowers Inflammation
Celery has many antioxidants as well as polysaccharides. The antioxidants assist in repairing damage which is one of the most common causes of inflammation. Celery is a great at-home remedy for any inflammatory issues. That includes joint pain, IBS, UTI’s, eczema, and kidney infections.

Treats High Blood Pressure
Celery seed is good for treating high blood pressure. They hold anti-hypertensive properties. Celery carries a high amount of calcium and potassium. Also, celery also has muscle-relaxing capabilities which can regulates your blood pressure.

Improves Digestion and Bloating
Celery has diuretic capabilities. If you eat it, you’ll notice an improvement when it comes to your digestive system and water retention. You will appear less bloated, making you appear slimmer than you thought you were.

Boost the Immune System
When you combine Celery’s Vitamin C and the many other nutrients, it can boost your immune system. The added fiber and water in celery improves good bacteria in the gut.

Improves Mood
The body can convert the vitamin C you get from consuming celery and turn it into serotonin. Serotonin is a feel-good hormone. The more serotonin your body has, the better your mood! Celery also contains a small amount of Magnesium. The magnesium relaxes the muscles and helps calm the brain!

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