9 Plants to Switch Up Your Life

9 Plants to Switch Up Your Life

With spring around the corner and sunshine high in the sky, what better way to bring in the wonderful weather with adding some potted plants to our space!

Many plants out there bring new things into your home! Whether it’s good luck, positive energy, or just decoration that can give the room some color- There’s a plant out there for you!


Positive Plants-


Basil is known to have a healing and spiritual effect on the atmosphere. This plant will work best if it is placed in the north/north-east section of your home. Basil has also been considered as a great antioxidant that clears many different forms of negative energy and instead invites in positive!


Peace Lily:

This plant helps significantly improve the air quality in your home. It has been said that having this plant may reduce the chances of asthma and headaches. It helps that the plant is beautiful to look at and really lights up a room!



The fragrance of this plant has been known to enhance the mood of your home, improve memory, reduce insomnia, help with inner peace, and fight anxiety. It thrives most when kept in a place that has bright colors and cool temperature.  


Plants for Good Luck-


Pachira Money Tree-

Anyone and everyone knows about the myth about how lucky a money tree/plant is. However, this Tree that is native to Central and South American, is commonly used in Feng Shui and is truly believed to bring luck and attract wealth!

In order for the luck to come in, one must have three to five of these braided plants. Many say that you should stay clear of only having four! In addition to how many you need, the leaves must have five or more fingers in order to be lucky.


Jade Plant:

The jade plants have always been known as the door to success and prosperity. These are often gifted to owners of businesses. If you are selling a house or buying a house, place it by the door.

It's medium size will allow it to fit almost anywhere and it will be favorable to you, as a homeowner or seller, since it will show that you are attracting success and wealth into that home!



With the bulky size of palms, they are great when needed a room divider! Apart from being able to attract good energy, palms also activate any missing Feng Shui element for the room. They have been known to remove harmful dust from the carpets, as well!


Low Maintenance Plants-


Chinese Evergreen:

If you’re new to caring for houseplants, this is the best starter plant! When an older Chinese evergreen produces it’s flowers they tend to look similar to calla lilies.

The best part about this specific plant is that they are easy to care for, meaning you don’t need to place them in the sunlight every day! They can survive and prefer lowlight.


Prayer Plant:

Once the blanket of night falls, this prayer plants leaves fold together as if they were hands praying. This plant is mostly known for its pink veins and oval leaves. Even though these plants prefer bright, indirect light they cantolerate low light. *Keep in high humidity and moist soil.


ZZ Plant:

This plant is nearly indestructible. It’s foliage and tough nature make it one of the best plants for anyone that needs a pop of green and life in their house! The leaves look waxy to the touch which gives it a nice shine. It thrives in bright, indirect light but can live in verylow light.

It can also tolerate many areas that have no natural light at all and minimal amounts of fluorescent lights. If it gets too much light you will see curling, yellow leaves.

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