7 Ways to Get Back in the Swing of Things this Spring

Reduce Joint Paint and Celebrate Spring

With the Winter season in the books, there’s no time to waste when preparing for the brighter months ahead. Here are some of the best ways to take advantage of everything Spring has to offer!
1. Visit a local Farmer’s Market
Now that the sun is creeping out again, many locally-grown produce options are back in-season. Find your nearest Farmer’s Market and schedule a trip! This is one of the best places to pick up some freshly-grown fruits and vegetables to add to your dish.
2. Change up your recipes
With fresh produce also comes a fresh set of recipes. Use those new kitchen additions to cook up something different this Spring. There’s no need to eat only warm meals anymore.

Instead, try a homemade pasta salad with fresh vegetables, or make your own fresh fruit breakfast smoothie.
3. Enjoy the nightlife again
For the first time in months, the nighttime is no longer bogged down with frigid temperatures. With Daylight Savings back in action, you have even more daytime to visit the best restaurants, lounges, and theaters in town.
4. Decorate around the house with some seasonal plants
Whether it's outside or indoors, plant life is back in business now that Winter is gone. Consider visiting your local nursery to pick up some organic decor. Then, spend the afternoon planting outside or potting them in your most sunlit rooms.
5. Travel to your favorite, local hot-spots

Summer is for beach trips, so spend the Spring walking around historic downtown areas. With the huge amount of Spring-themed festivals, there will always be some great shopping.
6. Catch up on some cleaning

While not always the most fun activity, an annual Spring cleaning is a tried-and-true way to transition into the season. Throw on some good music, push all your jackets to the back of the closet, and get your living and work spaces organized for a brand new chapter.

7. Get outside, any way you can
Whether it's fishing, golfing, or going on a picnic, the most important thing to remember is to get outdoors and soak in the season. Now is the time to get that much-needed fresh air and welcome in one of the best times of the year!

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