Back Pain | Top Tips for All-Natural Relief

Back Pain Relief

Back pain is more common than most people think. With our modern lifestyles, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy posture throughout the day. With many people working long days at the office, it's no wonder we often have a sore or aching back! 

Here are our top tips for some all-natural relief!

Improve Your Muscle Strength

Improving your overall muscle strength is a great place to start. Back muscles play an essential role in maintaining your posture.

But that's not all. The muscles in your back are also involved in bending and twisting movements, which are essential to the core and can impact back pain.

Try adding a few back exercises to your routine, such as rows, or Isometric exercises like a plank. Just pace yourself, especially if you are just starting an exercise routine, and don't do too much too soon!

Limit Your Screen Time

Sitting in front of a computer, TV, or staring at your smart phone all day can greatly affect your back and overall well-being. This can be the recipe for disaster.

Try to limit your screen time as much as possible and take frequent breaks away from your computer. 

Speaking of spending all day in front of the computer at the office, you can also try out an ergonomic chair. It will help with your posture and may just be the thing you need to get through the day with less aches and pains.

Lose The Extra Weight

Carrying extra weight puts more pressure on your bones and joints. If you suffer with frequent back pain, this could be an important first step.

It's best to gradually lose weight over time by making changes to your diet and adding exercise to your daily routine. Not only will it help with your physical health, but your overall mood will improve, too.

Assess Your Sleeping Situation

Most people think they just need to get a new mattress. However, the way you sleep affects your back pain, too.

Try out a different sleeping position and make sure your mattress is giving you the right amount of support.

Since your body recovers while you're sleeping, it's important to get 7-8 hours of good sleep each night. As you increase your daily exercise, your muscles will need more time to recover while you sleep. Plus, when you get a good night's sleep, you wake-up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Hopefully, with less back pain!

Remember, that one adjustment in your daily, health routine leads to another. Start small and keep track of your progress!

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