Benefits of Dancing for Seniors

group of seniors dancing at a gym

Physical exercise is a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It's even more important as we get older. It gets our blood pumping, keeps us limber, and can even help improve our mood. But when we think of exercise, even I'll admit, it's not usually something we're excited about doing. It can sometimes feel like a chore.

And I don't know about you, but I hate doing chores. But I know that exercising is important, so I've tried to find different ways to exercise that are more enjoyable for me personally. And then I came across dancing.

Now, maybe dancing isn't for you. Maybe you think you've got two left feet, or you just hate the idea of dancing in front of people. But before you stop reading completely, let me at least explain to you just how beneficial dancing can be for your health. And then maybe, just maybe, I'll get you to try it.

It can help improve your balance.

As you age, your balance may be lost due to weakened muscles. When you lose the ability to control your balance, you may find it difficult to do things without worrying about if or when you're going to fall.

When you dance, you're focused on building coordination and movement. Over time, you can further develop these skills and help promote balance in your body.

It can help improve your mobility.

Aging can shrink your muscles and weaken your bones and tendons which can lead to problems with your mobility.

A lifestyle where you find yourself sitting a bit more than normal and no longer moving around can even worsen the problem. Your hips, legs, and calves can grow tight which can leave you at risk of straining your muscles.

Dancing involves your whole body and gets all those muscles moving. You may find that dancing has increased your joint mobility and flexibility.

It can give you more opportunities to socialize.

Leaving your house to exercise, especially if you're going to an exercise class, can really help you get out there and socialize. Dancing is a great way to socialize because you're constantly interacting with others.

If you find that you're a bit shy, it can even help you by building more confidence to talk to people, inside and outside of the class. Plus, staying social has a very positive impact on your mental health.

It can help you build confidence.

Maybe you're still thinking dancing isn't for you because you don't want to do something you're not good at in front of a whole bunch of strangers. And I definitely understand that. But learning how to dance can help you overcome that kind of fear and build your confidence.

Dancing allows you to loosen up a little and be yourself. It can help increase your self-esteem and boost your confidence as you begin to develop new skills and learn new ways to express yourself.

It can help your heart health.

When you dance, or do any kind of exercise, your heart beats faster because your muscles need more oxygen than normal. That's why consistently dancing can help increase your cardiovascular endurance.

It can help improve your memory.

Dancing doesn't just help keep you healthy physically but mentally too. Learning how to dance is all about remembering the steps and the rhythm. As you're learning, you're exercising your brain's memory and concentration.

These cognitive skills can even help reduce risks of dementia as you work to improve your memory.

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With all those benefits, it's hard to ignore dancing as a beneficial (and fun) exercise, right? Now if you're still sitting there thinking that dancing isn't for you, I encourage you to try it at least once, and if not in a group setting, in your own home.

If you're really intent on not trying it out, even after reading through almost the entire blog, you can check out some other exercises here.

Now if you're thinking you are ready to dance, but you're not sure what dances to try, I've got a few suggestions for you:

  • Line dancing
  • Salsa dancing
  • Waltzing
  • Tap dancing
  • Chair dancing

Dance your way to a healthier you!

**Talk to your doctor before trying any new exercise.

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