Outdoor Workouts

Outdoor Workouts

The more you move, the more it benefits your body.

Going to the gym or participating in at-home workouts are great and can be suitable for almost everyone, but if you are older, it tends to be a bit harder.

Relying on an outdoor exercise may be gentler on your body and better for your wellbeing. Low impact workouts will get your joints moving and assist with your flexibility and strength, while keeping your heart rate elevated.

With the warm weather, it’s time to take that workout outside!


  • Walking

A daily walk, even only lasting 15 minutes, can help keep you active and your joints moving. Call up a few friends and spend some time catching up as you walk around the neighborhood or visit local shops nearby.


  • Aerobic Activities

Not only will you burn off calories, but aerobic activities have also been known to assist with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Aerobic activities may also help maintain joint movement, heart health, and keep your energy levels high.


  • Bicycling

Cycling is a low-impact activity that can help work your lower body. Ride around the neighborhood or find a fun nature trail.

It's important to start slowly and increase slowly as you continue to do more sessions.


  • Tidy Up Outside

Shoveling snow, gardening, or even picking up branches and leaves can count as a workout. Your breathing and heart rate increase while you are at it, which makes it count as an endurance activity!

Do this for at least ten minutes, and you can call it your daily exercise.


  • Hiking/Nature Trails

Hiking can help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Walking, in general, is a fairly low impact exercise. Depending on what trails you're interested in hiking will impact how easy or hard it will work your joints and muscles.

Regardless of which type of hiking workout you prefer, you can always enjoy the peace and quiet that comes from a walk in nature.


  • Outdoor Gym

See if you have a local outdoor gym. They typically have a range of different equipment you can try.

Think of it as your adult playground.


  • Park Yoga Classes

Some yoga instructors hold group classes in the parks throughout the week. Bring your mat and some water, and join in the festivities.

It’s not only a great workout, but it’s also a great way to socialize.


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