Tips on How to Keep Up with the Kids

Tips on How to Keep Up with the Kids

As you get older, you start to realize that it isn’t as easy to keep up with the little rascals in your life.

Whether it is your own kids or your grandkids, some days it feels like your energy is depleted and that your body is just too sore. You find yourself missing the days when you could have kept up with their high energy. You still can! Here are some tips that can help you.


Keep Them Busy

If the child is unable to sit still, try to find a way to scratch their itch for so much movement. Keeping the kids busy allows their body and brain to still move except it is now in a controlled environment.

For example, before dinner time have the kids place out silverware and plates. Allow them to get drinks for everyone before the timer goes off on the oven.

This keeps them busy and gives them a sense of being in charge.


Play Sports

Tactile activity is a great way to keep high-energy children moving. Most of these activities are based outside.

Soccer, basketball or even football can be a great way to participate with the children while also allowing their bodies to get the movement it is searching for.

Taking a bike ride is something you both can participate in as well.



Even though many kids tend to be high-energy, they do still need moments to recharge and relax. When they do decide it is time to sit back and take on all their big emotions, use that time to talk, play, and connect with them.

The child will feel safe and secure knowing that communication during this time is open.


Keep Them Involved

Keep the children involved.

For example, if you have a day filled with errands, let the kids hold onto the list of things you need to get and/or do. If they can not read at this moment, then just give them a list that has pictures instead.

They can take the time during the trip to find the items and cross them off which keeps them involved and busy.


Use Your Imagination

If you need a day inside, use your imagination.

Dig into the part of your brain where you once thought pirates were dancing outside in the sky and tell stories to them.

This exercises their brain to take the picture your words are painting and make them come to life in their minds. Let them contribute, putting their own twist on the story as you go along.

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