Clearing the Air: Understanding Alcohol in Lifetones Uric Acid Support Tincture


man smiling and holding up a bottle of Lifetones Uric Acid Support Tincture.

Hey there, Lifetones family! Today, I'm tackling a concern from Jeff A who said:

The Uric Acid Support Tincture has alcohol in it. But I thought alcohol was bad for gout. Please explain.

It can be a bit confusing, but, don't worry, today I'm going to help clear up any misunderstanding.


Understanding Alcohol in Uric Acid Support

Head over to our Uric Acid Support Tincture on our website, and you'll see one of the ingredients is alcohol. Now, specifically, it's 50% v/v ethanol.

Well, what does that mean? The "50% v/v" indicates that our tincture contains 50% volume of ethanol per volume of the solution. This ethanol helps preserve and extract the beneficial properties of natural ingredients.

But does this mean it can worsen gout?


The Lowdown on Alcohol and Gout

Alcohol itself isn't the enemy when it comes to gout. It's excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially beer and liquor, that can trigger gout attacks by raising uric acid levels in the blood. 🍺

However, the amount of alcohol in our tincture is minimal and serves a different purpose—mainly for extraction and preservation.


Can I Reduce the Amount of Alcohol?

Our Uric Acid Support Tincture contains alcohol in a 50% concentration by volume. For preparation of an alcohol-reduced dosage, place the dose in a half-cup of boiling water and allow to stand for five minutes or until cool, before drinking.

**Note that Lifetones Uric Acid Support Tincture contains medicinal ethanol extracted from sugar cane, not grapes.

For an alcohol-free product, you can order our Uric Acid Support Capsules.


Why Lifetones Uric Acid Support Works

Our formula is designed with natural ingredients that have been traditionally used to support healthy uric acid levels and manage joint discomfort. Ingredients like celery seed and devil's claw have anti-inflammatory properties, while others like birch and willow support kidney function to help flush out excess uric acid.


The Lifetones Promise

At Lifetones, we're committed to transparency and effectiveness. Our products are crafted to support your journey towards better joint health and overall well-being. The small amount of alcohol in our tincture does not pose a risk to aggravating gout symptoms when used as directed.


Wrapping It Up

So, Jeff and everyone else, rest assured that Lifetones Uric Acid Support is crafted with your health in mind. The alcohol content is minimal and serves a specific purpose in the formulation process.

As always, if you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. Your health and comfort are our top priorities! 🌿

Stay well, Brandon

P.S. Keep an eye out for more helpful tips and insights in upcoming blogs! Let's continue this journey towards healthier joints together. 💪

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Marshall Joiner
Marshall Joiner

July 13, 2024

What is the difference between the tincture and the capsules…???


July 11, 2024

I take Warfaren, will it interfere with my INR readings?

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