3 Best Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

3 Best Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

With the first month of 2021 coming to a close, many of us are still in the process of either starting our New Year's Resolutions or keeping up with them. 

It is very common to get lost while on the path to achieving a big goal, and there can be many different reasons that this occurs. However, the most common reason that people fail to achieve a specific goal is because they get too focused on the end result. Instead, research suggests that we should be focusing on the path to get there and the specific

Of course, the outcome of a goal is essential, as it’s why there is a goal in the first place. However, major accomplishes typically don't just happen overnight, so it's important to have a roadmap in place to make your goals a reality.

It’s about taking achievable steps one by one and having a process in place to keep yourself accountable. Even having a plan for when you slip up can make a difference when striving towards big goals.

We want you to be successful while reaching for your goals, so here are some helpful tips and strategies that you can use to progress forward.

1. Commit to Your Goal for 30 Days

Many big-time CEOs and influential people worldwide offer similar tips that helped them succeed: there needs to be a set period to which you’ll commit to your goal. Whatever the goal is, try to ensure that you are sticking to that goal every day for a specified amount of time.

A great way to be able to stick with your commitment is to add it to your calendar. If you’re someone who uses a planner, physically write in a time for you to complete the activity every day. If you aren’t good at remember, set reminders on your phone so it’s reminding you every day to get it done.

It's also recommended that you pick a specific date to check-in on your goal. If you plan to start today, write on your calendar 30 days from now to assess your progress. Seeing the days tick down is an amazing motivator, and can help you stay committed rather than just having a goal for an arbitrary amount of time.

Ask yourself: "Where do I want to be exactly 1 month from now?"

2. Make Daily Progress Towards Your Goal

When trying to reach your goals, consistency is so important. It’s crucial to try and make your aim into a new habit pattern, and the best way to do it is to stick to it every day.

Hold yourself accountable, work on your goal a little bit each day, and eventually this new routine will become automatic and feel much less like a chore.

3. Start Simple

When a goal gets in our heads and we can picture our ideal outcome, it’s natural to want that outcome now. Instant gratification is much more prevalent nowadays, but it isn't always realistic.

In order to stay consistent and continue towards success without quick burnout, it’s best to start small and increase your efforts as you progress. 

It’s a lot like lifting weights. It can be tempting to jump right into your goal, but if you're not ready, it can be extremely discouraging. Instead, it's important to work up to your goal, taking small steps and challenging yourself more and more along the way.

Your mind is a mighty tool, and you can achieve anything you work towards. And remember, it's okay if you slip up once in a while! Nobody is perfect, and nobody has the same path to achieve their goals. Just keep moving forward and you can accomplish your dreams! 

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