Lunchbox Inspiration with Lifetones

Lunchbox Inspiration with Lifetones

Heading back to school is just around the corner and trying to pack fun but nutritious lunches can be a challenge. After all, some kids are a little bit pickier, and getting those fruits and vegetables in might seem like it should be its own class. 

We want to make things a little easier, so we are sharing some lunchbox inspiration that might just help you to plan ahead. No-- we aren't getting too crazy with animal faces or things of that nature! Building the lunchbox should be simple and stress-free especially when you already have enough on your plate! (Pun-Intended)

1.) Experiment with Shapes

Watermelon Stars

This is an easy option. Whether it's fruit, vegetables, or a sandwich, cookie cutters can help to get the job done. We love the little wands above that use a skewer. However, skewers should be used with children who are old enough to handle this safely. Your child could think they are the cutest little fruit fairy with this inspiration.

2.) Experiment with Colors

Colorful Pasta

Adding color to the lunch is especially easy with pasta! There are so many pasta options out there. Other ways to add some color is simply by using colorful ingredients. If your son or daughter's favorite color is purple, maybe you do an all purple lunch one day with grapes, fruit leather, eggplant, pasta, and some juice!

3.) Experiment with Different Textures


As younger children learn, texture plays a big part in their experience. If you are trying to get your child to branch out, perhaps try adding some different textures to their lunchbox to see what they gravitate towards. From crunchy carrots, to the soft creaminess of an avocado, there is a lot to experiment with.

4.) Experiment with Different Flavors & Spices


In this trial, you'll want to make sure to pack some of their favorite foods, but also add in some new flavors. Each week, perhaps you try something brand new as a way to discover different foods or spices that your child likes. 

5.) Experiment with Wraps


This is a classic. Sometimes, a child is a little more willing to try something that's in a wrap. For example, your child may be opposed to trying sliced avocado on a plate, but adding a little guacamole to a Southwest wrap could help to get those healthy fats into the meal. Hide the greens and goodies with different wrap recipes!

6.) Experiment with A Classic Note


While we love sweet lunchbox notes, we recommend experimenting with this. Some older children may prefer that you put the notes in a more private place that their friends won't see it at lunch. Maybe you put an encouraging note in their backpack. On the other hand, some kids will love this sweet gesture at lunch time. 

We hope you love these ideas. The Lifetones family is wishing you the best of luck as you enter the new school year.

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