Maintain Your Clean Home This Year

Maintain Your Clean Home This Year

Are you ready to maintain a routine for a clean and organized home this year? Keeping your environment mess-free usually leads to your day being a bit more stress-free. Let’s start the New Year by creating a stress-free and positive environment for ourselves. Here are a few ways you can organize and maintain your routine throughout the year!


  1. Make Your Bed Every Morning

 Make Your Bed

This small act each morning will help you start your day productively. By making your bed each morning, you will have a fresh start each day and be able to jump into bed when the day is over.


  1. Choose A Clean-Up Day

 Cleaning Day

Pick a day of the week to vacuum and mop your floors. By choosing a day, you are holding yourself accountable with an achievable goal. Nobody has time to sweep up the floor every day, but make it a habit to do these things once a week.


  1. Accountability


Make a chores list and give every member of your household a job. By holding each other accountable, your living space will stay cleaner. A dry erase board on the refrigerator can help to remind everyone what their daily task is.


  1. Keep Cleaning Spray On The Counter.


If you have easy access to cleaning supplies, you will be more likely to use them. Make sure to leave cleaning supplies visible and spray the counters every day. This is especially useful in keeping your kitchen and bathroom counters safer and sanitary. 


  1. Clean Your Space As You Use It

 As You Go

If someone spills, make sure to clean it right away and don’t let it set in. While you are prepping meals in the kitchen, actively clean up as you go. Taking the time to clean as you go will keep your house tidier. When you don't clean as you go, you can easily end up with a counter full of dishes or a hamper full of laundry.


  1. Don’t Leave Clothes In The Washer

 Empty Washer

Make sure to get in the habit of taking your clothes out of the washing machine when they are clean. This will keep you from having to do multiple washes. One of the best way to maintain this habit is by setting a timer on your phone and only running the laundry when you know for a fact that you will be home to flip it.



Share which tips you will be using this year! We always enjoy knowing which tips, tricks, and recipes our Lifetones family enjoys the most. 

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