Staying Thankful After Thanksgiving

Staying Thankful After Thanksgiving

There is power in actively being grateful for the things you have in life. Often, we slink into a state of constantly thinking about what others have gained and what we lack. This can be especially true around the holidays as we compare our gifts and families to others.

Thanksgiving is usually the one day out of the year where we gather with our friends and family and recognize all the blessings in our lives. What if we could keep this momentum of gratefulness throughout the entire year even though Thanksgiving already happened? Here are a few ways you can maintain a positive outlook on life past Thanksgiving time. You will want to take these habits into 2022!

1.) Gratitude Journal


Journaling each day about the good moments in your life can have a positive impact on your mood. It can be as simple as being thankful for the sun shining on your face or for the songs on the radio.

2.) Sticky Notes of Affirmation


Leave sticky notes around your living space that say positive quotes or messages. This small act can remind you to enjoy the day ahead of you and maintain a positive mindset. Some examples could be, “Take every day 10 minutes at a time” or “Everything is going to be okay.”

3.) Connecting with Others


Staying connected with people has been hard during the pandemic, and we have all been struggling maintaining friendships and relationships. Make a conscious effort to introduce yourself to people and invite people to spend time with you. Spending time with people and being able to express your feelings is essential to remain positive.

4.) Listen To Music 


Sometimes we find ourselves matching our bad moods with sad ballads. Ditch the sad songs, and opt-in for playlists that have a nice collection of uplifting music. Simply changing the tune of your music can have a positive impact on your mindset.

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