Recipes For Father's Day

Recipes For Father's Day

Here are a few recipes for you to make something special for the special father figure in your life. 

1. BBQ Ribs
BBQ Ribs
If you have a few extra hours on your hands, and want to make everyone very happy, this one is for you. Marinate the ribs, and set the oven to 300 degrees, check the ribs every 3 hours. This is an awesome and delicious recipe! 

2. Rib-Eye with Salt and Pepper
Making a grilled rib-eye is another yummy recipe for you to try out. It is simple, yet delicious, and only requires two seasonings, salt and pepper. Add the rib-eye to the hot grill, and you will have the best rib-eye out there. You can sauté scallions in olive oil to serve with it, and you have a delicious meal ready for you. 

3. BBQ Pulled Beef Sandwich
BBQ Sandwich
Who wouldn't love a beef sandwich? You can treat your family this Father's Day to a yummy BBQ sandwich. Slow cook a beef shoulder for four hours in the oven to give it a juicy, tender, texture. You can serve it with a thick, tangy sauce. 

Let us know which recipes are your favorite and which ones you tried this Father's Day. We hope you have a great Father's Day with your family!

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