Summer Activities

Summer Activities

Summer is here! 

Let the fun begin and have a great summer! Here are 5 outdoor activities that are perfect for the summer. 

1. Lemonade Stand

There is nothing fresher than iced cold lemonade on the first day of summer. Arrange some fresh lemons, and wash them properly. Take off the skin, collect fresh lemon juice, add some sugar and some ice. Setting up a stand is a great way to teach your children about entrepreneurship and working hard! 

2. Prepare Ice Cream

Most kids love ice cream, but making it themselves can be so much fun. This can also be a fun science experiment for children as well. Cold ice cream after a long hot day outside, is the perfect recipe for a fun summer day! 

3. Go Fishing 

Take out your fishing rods, put the bait on, and throw it as far as you can. Each catch will be fun, so enjoy it with your kids too!

4. Go to The Pool

Swimming is an activity that so many enjoy! Gather your children and friends, and take a dip in the pool. You can play different games in the pool, and do races, and jumping contests. Going to the pool is so much fun. 

5. Camp Out

When was the last time you went camping? Start your summer with a night out under the stars. You can bring pillows and tents out to your backyard, and camp outside of your house.

We hope you enjoy these activities with your loved ones. Be sure to let us know which activities you enjoy the most!

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