Summer Travel Tips

Summer Travel Tips

After the cold weather moves on and the warm begins to settle in, it’s time to relax and reset your mind and body. Whether that means you are seeking an outdoor adventure or a getaway to the beach, make sure that you are prepared for your summer travel!

Without preparation, your summer vacation can turn from the time of your life into a nightmare. Learn from past mistakes by following some of these tips!


  • Apply and Re-Apply Sunblock

This is one of the most common vacation mistakes. Even if you aren’t taking a trip to the hottest or sunniest part of the world, it’s important to always have sunblock. A bad burn can ruin the rest of your plans, especially if you only apply beforehand and not mid-activity.

If you are traveling to somewhere warm to feel the sand between your toes, try finding a coral-safe sunscreen. That way you aren’t damaging the environment or marine life.


  • Understand your Destination

If you’re traveling abroad, there’s no guarantee about what you will encounter. You may not be accustomed to the water quality, so keep water bottles on hand.

Time zone changes can also throw off your body causing loss of appetite, headaches, and upset stomachs, so be sure to bring general medication (Advil, Tylenol, etc.). Pack it in your checked suitcase so you can be sure it will make it on the plane.


  • Don’t Travel Alone

When you travel alone and are unfamiliar with your surroundings, it’s easy to wind up a victim of a crime.

If you must travel alone make sure you have someone you can trust that always has your exact location. If you feel like you are unsafe, text or call them so they can capture where you are, who you are with, and get into contact with the police on your behalf.


  • Documentation

Make sure you always have all the correct documents when traveling - your driver’s license, birth certificate (if needed), and your passport if you are traveling internationally or to a foreign country.

Keep your documents safe while you are enjoying your vacation by locking them in the hotel safe or keeping them in the same spot, untouched. That way, you won’t be stranded without your identification.


  • Line Up a House-Sitter

The best house to break into is an empty house. Finding a house-sitter is the easiest way to trick burglars into thinking you are home.

If you don’t have family or friends close by, you can reach out to your neighbor and ask them to stop over to turn on a few lights and/or the television.


  • Don’t Break the Bank
By booking an all-inclusive stay at a resort or renting a house/condo through a third party that has a kitchen, you can save a lot of money not dining out for three meals during the day. A quick internet search will also help you find free things to do while you’re on vacation as well.

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