Why Is it Important to Visit Your Physician Annually?

Why Is it Important to Visit Your Physician Annually?

Some people believe that just because they feel healthy means they might not need to go and see their physician. Any physical exam serves as a wellness check for you to touch base with your doctor and address any health concerns he/she may have.


A yearly exam is important, mainly because most people have questions that they want to ask but don’t want to make an appointment just to get them answered. This way you can meet with you doctor and discuss any pressing matters that may or may not be related to your health.


If you are healthy and in between your 20s and 30s, it is recommended to go to the doctor once every two years. Beyond that, it should be an annual visit.


Here are some tips for how you can prepare for your next annual exam:


  • Write down questions:

It is easy to forget what you wanted to ask your doctor by the time you get an appointment with your doctor. If you write a list of your questions ahead of time you will be able to voice all of your concerns without forgetting any important ones along the way!


  • Make your other appointments first:

If you know there will be blood work needs or any other medical-related screenings, get them done in advance before your exam. That way you can bring the results with you so they can be reviewed by your doctor and discussed with you during your appointment.


  • Know your medications:

If you are prescribed any medication or are currently taking any over the counter (OTC) medication it is important that your doctor knows about them. Bring a list of supplements, vitamins, or medications that you take. Even if you might not think it is important your doctor should know about it.


In celebration of Physicians week, I challenge you to make your next doctor’s appointment!

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