3 Things To Do To Celebrate Earth Day

3 Things To Do To Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is here! While every other day is a perfect time to be kind to the planet, this is the best day to show appreciation to it, and do something new if needed. There are tons of little things you can do to celebrate this day and make a difference. Below are some simple ideas: 

1. Spend Time Outside
Earth Day is not a day to stay indoors, there is so much fun outside. This day is a reminder of how magnificent our planet is. Therefore, make the best out of it. If you have a garden, spend a little extra time in it. Take your lunch break outside, or read a book, or meditate. If you live in a city where outdoor spaces are ever crowded, go for a walk at an off-hour when the streets are emptier and quieter. Make sure you spend some time outside and show some appreciation to this place we call home- the earth. 

2. Plant A Tree
Plant A Tree
When was the last time you planted a tree? Well... Earth Day is the perfect time to do it. Trees come with a plethora of benefits, including cleaning the air, giving off more oxygen, increasing rainfall, and more. As a bonus perk... did you know it's proven that trees can boost your property value by a whopping 15%? 

3. Use a Refillable Water Bottle
Refillable Water Bottle
Each year, billions of pounds of waste end up in the ocean, a majority of the trash being plastic. Only about every one in five plastic water bottles are properly recycled. Using a refillable water bottle is more convenient, and can also save money in the long run. The average person can save about $200 a year by using a refillable water bottle instead of a plastic one!

We hope you have a great Earth Day today. Be sure to let us know what you are doing to honor this day, and honor the Earth!

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