Remedies for Dry Hands

Remedies for Dry Hands

Having dry hands is more common than you think, but the reason behind it can vary from environmental factors to certain medical conditions to simply getting older. Here are some tips on how to reduce and relieve symptoms of dry hands:


Wear Gloves

    If you find yourself always having your hands in the water, say from washing dishes, try using rubber gloves. Prolonged water exposure can cause your hands to become overly dry because it washes away natural oils on your skin. Wearing gloves can add a layer of protection to help keep your hands from becoming too dry.


    Use A Heavy Duty Moisturizer

      Moisturize daily, especially If you find yourself washing your hands often. It's important to restore the natural oils to your skin to avoid dryness and cracking. Try to avoid products that contain artificial fragrances, as they can sometimes irritate your skin even more.


      Try An Overnight Treatment

        If you slather on some lotion, moisturizer, or even a generic petroleum jelly and cover your hands overnight with gloves or socks, it can help alleviate dryness. It does so by trapping the moisture and allowing your hands to absorb it faster and more fully.



        Exfoliation can help to remove dead skin cells and, in turn, may help with dryness. Use a gentle exfoliator so that it doesn't further irritate your skin.



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